Peritus is Latin for wisdom and experience. Our goal is
to share the knowledge and expertise of our industry practitioners in two ways:-

Private Clients

How do you choose your stockbroker, investment manager, hedge fund provider or private equity firm? How do you know they are secure, have a good pedigree and consistent track record? How will you keep up to date with issues within the firm to avoid risks to your assets in the future?

We provide a comprehensive wealth guidance service along the family office model concept. We will help you choose the best investment managers around the world, monitor them, report on their performance and advise when to make changes in your allocation or manager choice.

Institutional Clients

Whether you have a pension fund, are a trustee or protector we will ensure that you can monitor the performance of your managers, evaluate their results, provide early warnings on performance or qualitative issues and determine who are the best managers for your needs.

This can be outsourced or we can develop the desired skills within your own company.